Monday, September 19, 2011


CASEY  Anthony's father has claimed he will likely never speak with his daughter again, because he was so hurt by the accusations that he sexually abused her when she was a little girl. 
George Anthony claimed she made up the accusation to help prove her innocence, adding that he believed that she had stolen the idea from a fellow inmate. 
He said: "I love my daughter but I don't like what the last three years have done to us. Now that she is out, she can have a relationship with her mom and her brother again but I don't think the relationship between her and I will be the same again.
"I was hurt that my daughter could concoct that and that I knew it would mean they were coming after me."
He added that he believed that there was a letter from a fellow inmate may have prompted the abuse allegations. 
He said: 'The inmate was talking about how she was molested and Casey said well maybe something happened with my brother or my father. But I can't remember."
They did not say whether they had seen their daughter since she had returned to Florida, to serve probation for check fraud.
It's thought they'll discuss that with him on the final installment of the interview which is due to air this week. 
They will look towards their future without their daughter or granddaughter and shockingly reveal that Casey may have another child.

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