Sunday, September 18, 2011


A BODY found Saturday is likely missing California nursing student Michelle Le, law enforcement sources say. The body was discovered in a brushy, remote area near Sunolby a volunteer searcher who was among a group looking for the remains of the murder victim. Alameda County investigators sealed off access to the crime scene. The area has been previously searched by Hayward police.

Lt. Roger Keener said: "Today, one of the search party members did discover remains. Right now that's all we know. There is nothing that indicates gender with the remains. The body is decomposed."
Copssay it may take weeks to positively identify the remains if DNA testing is required. However, despite the certainly it's Le, cops acknowledge they have not found any articles of clothing or other evidence that directly ties the body to Le. Almost two weeks ago, cops arrested Giselle Esteban in connection with Le's murder. Le disappeared from the Hayward Kaiser hospCaliforniital where she was a student at the end of May. Motive: jealousy. MORE IN THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

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