Sunday, October 2, 2011


A TEXAS preacher has been found guilty of urging his son to murder his wife. Tracy Burleson--a former pastor of New Mount Calvary Church in Houston--promised his son William Fuller cash to kill the preacher's former wife Paulette. Prosecutor Caroline Dozier told jurors in her summation: "William Fuller hated his stepmother, but he didn't kill her to frame his father. He did it because he loved his

But other family members said the relationship between Burleson, his wife, and son as dysfunctional. Witnesses told the jury Burleson was known to have extramarital affairs and regular sex romps with women who were not his wife. Prosecutors say randy reverend was planning a life with his gal pal Tyonne Palmer, who is seen posing with them in photo taken months before his own wife's murder.
Paulette Burleson was shot in the head while sitting in her garage last May. RANDY REVERAND GOES DOWN

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