Monday, November 14, 2011


HE was clearly smoking something, because only a deadbeat stoner would let their tot eat pot. 
But that's exactly what Joshua Smallwood did, leaving marijuana around his filthy home, which his two-year-old son somehow found and ate. 
At least he sobered up long enough to realize that something was wrong with the toddler, who kept falling asleep and could not stay awake.  
So together with his parents William and Kimberly Smallwood, they rushed him to a children's hospital near their home in Goshen, OH. 
Doctors found the boy tested positive for marijuana and a nurse called in the cops WLWT reports.  According to officers Joshua Smallwood admitted to smoking weed with his dad, but they claimed that they did not smoke in the house. 
Officers found a small amount of the drug in their apartment, which they said was so filthy it was not fit for a child to live in. 
So after the child was hospitalized for two days, he was placed with other relatives. 
His dad and grandfather meanwhile were charged with drug possession and child endangering, which his lovely grandfather was charged with.      
Cops said other children were in the home at the time, and two other people may be charged.

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