Monday, November 14, 2011


THIS is the twisted teen who cops say raped a five-year-old girl in McDonald's playland.
The 13-year-old youngster was turned in by his parents after cops launched a huge  campaign to find the teenage attacker.
The girl's horrified grandmother told deputies that as the Playland at the Anderson Township, OH, when the youngster approached with a "look on her face like something was wrong."
The girl told her grandmother that a boy digitally penetrated her vagina and that she was forced to digitally penetrate his anus, according to the incident report.
She saw the teen leaving but he got away before she realized what had happened. 
Appalled deputies waited a few days before releasing these pics of the teen, because the wanted to be completely sure about what happened because of the ages of the people involved.
They were taken from the restaurant's CCTV cameras. 
A police source said: "This case had shaken even hardened detectives, many of whom are fathers themselves, especially given the ages of the people involved.
"We wanted to be sure that we had the details of what happened right before we moved."
Franchise owner Judson Pickard told WLWT he was taking the matter seriously and cooperating with authorities.
He added: "The safety and well-being of my customers, especially children, is extremely important."
A police spokesman said the teen's parents saw the photos and contacted authorities.
The sheriff's office said the teen has been charged with one count of rape and will be lodged at the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center to await further proceedings.

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