Wednesday, November 16, 2011


THERE better not be a hole in their story and if they better have hidden dough well.
Because cops are claiming that they've busted the Dunkin Donut bandits, who robbed more than 30 stores in the Boston area since May.
Cops caught up with brother's Peter and Wayne Wallace, 35 and 33, after a high speed car chase, when they responded to a break in at a store in Canton, MA.
And now they're alleging that the that the dastardly duo are behind at least 30 more robberies.
Refusing to sugar coat things, Chief Kenneth Berkowitz told WBZ: "Since the beginning of the year, they've hit Dunkin' Donuts, breaking in early morning, late at night, prying through drive-thru windows or back doors."
He added that investigators uncovered masks, a sledgehammer and a crow bar they said the brothers most likely used to break into the establishments.
Berkowitz added: "A pry bar that's been used in most of the cases to pry open the drive-thru window. The sledgehammer they used to knock the safe off the mooring on the floor."
Police are unsure of the motive for the brothers' crime spree that has targeted the donut shop specifically. Berkowitz said: "They've been in and out in a very short period of time. We don't know the connection to the Dunkin' Donuts. Past employment maybe, familiar with someone that works in the area Dunkin' Donuts," 
The amount of money stolen has yet to be determined but the Wallace brothers are being held in jail and will face multiple charges, including robbery and breaking and entering.

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