Wednesday, November 16, 2011


UPDATE: Cops say the mother of murdered Tyler Dasher, 1, is in police custody. Shelby Dasher, 20, is being held at St. Louis County Justice Center on a 24-hour hold. That means she must be charged or released in that time frame. Tyler's body was found Tuesday near a cemetery about a mile from their home. A Police source said Dasher killed her son after she "became very, very angry."
EARLIER: Heartache hit St. Louis Tuesday as searchers found the small body of missing Tyler Dasher, 1, who had disappeared hours earlier from his home. While a cause of death was not immediately released it's suspected that the little blonde boy was murdered by his kidnapper. One suspect is in custody. According to ABC: "Tyler was reported missing around 11 a.m. Tuesday from the Affton home he shared with his mother, 20-year-old Shelby Dasher, and his grandmother. Shelby Dasher told police she had put Tyler to bed after midnight, then overslept and discovered him gone from his crib when she awoke."

So far cops say there is no apparent motive for the murder. The body was found late yesterday afternoon by a couple walking their dog.
Police chief Tim Fitch said: "It says to me it's a pretty sick person. Anybody that would take a child and leave a child in a wooded area in that condition needs to be dealt with severely by the criminal justice system." Hello, death penalty.

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  1. n my opinion based on my study/hobby of narcissistic rage killings....Shelby is extremely self-centered, angry and controlling individual who was ultimately unable to psychologically cope with parenting.....The desire for revenge, retaliation, and the compulsive need to repay the hurt no matter what it takes is characteristic of narcissistic rage. IMO

    Shelby Dasher has confessed to the beating death of her son, Tyler. She dumped his body then returned home to sleep, waiting several hours later to report him missing.

    Basically mom was hopped up on booze and wanted her grown up time? #DebiBradley n #ShelbyDasher