Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A DESPERATE stripper took her two kids on a shoplifting spree to allegedly steal lingerie to wear for her job.  Ashley Fleischmann told cops she had taken the sexy underwear to wear at her job at the Crystal Cabaret Gentleman's club in Orlando. 
According to her arrest warrant she'd hoped her kids would keep her from being arrested, but she hadn't banked on the store security camera's picking up her nefarious activities.  The affidavit added that Fleischmann "planned to use her children in the commission of the … crime" according to the Orlando Sentinel. She was found with less than $100 of goods.
The two crying children were handed over to the Florida Department of Children and Families and according to her arrest report, Fleischmann told investigators she had only been given custody of the children a week earlier.
She told officers she 'couldn't believe this was happening again' as they were taken away.
Fleischmann was charged with petty theft and  cruelty towards a child.

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