Thursday, November 24, 2011


A LAWYER for the bogus tranny doctor accused of injecting toxic substances into the buttocks of a patent is claiming the charges against his client are false.
Oneal Ron Morris is accused of nearly killing a woman by injecting her buttocks with glue, cement and other household products including 'Fix-a-Flat' which we reported here.
Cops say a victim who was looking to get a job at a nightclub and wanted a curvier figure paid Morris $700 for the injections in 2010.
They spent nearly a year trying to track down the transvestite and said she moved frequently. 
Cops are also looking into the possibility that she may be part of an underground surgery ring.
State health officials have also revealed that several possible victims have since come forward alleging Morris performed similar procedures resulting in life-threatening injuries.
But Morris' attorney, Michael Mirer, told NBC Miami that there's no proof 30-year-old Oneal Ron Morris received payment for or performed the procedure.
He said: "I can assure you that the state has no evidence other than what this alleged victim is saying. "There is not going to be any proof or any documentation that shows that my client accepted any money or injected anybody with anything."
Health officials said additional arrests are possible, but did not elaborate because it's an ongoing investigation.
Morris has been released from jail on a bond.

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  1. It's amazing what people will put in their bodies to (ENHANCE, as they say) themselves for attention.

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