Saturday, November 12, 2011


WHETHER she'll marry him now is most certainly in doubt.
Because her douchebag fiance is accused or murdering a 73-year-old former nurse and then using it to propose to her.
Convicted killer Raymond Harris, 26, allegedly smashed Virginia Perillo in a brutal beating in her Chicago, IL home, who was found by a neighbor in her garage.
But the not so bright thief left his watch at the scene and cops later matched his DNA with evidence found in Perillo's car. 
According to NBC Chicago he stole her wedding and engagement rings and took them to a party later that night in order to propose to his girlfriend.
Harris was on parole after serving roughly half of a 30-year sentence for attempted murder and aggravated arson.
Back in 1997 he broke into a woman's home, beat and raped her over a period of hours, and set her house on fire, but unlike Perillo, the victim was able to escape. 
Her family said in a statement: "It has been a stressful and busy time for us knowing that the person that murdered my mom was still out there.
"We're just relieved knowing that there is one less criminal on the street. We can begin the healing process and put some closure to this and hopefully find the answers as to why."
Harris is due in court Nov. 29 for a status hearing.

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