Thursday, November 3, 2011


HOLY smokes - he's been fired.
Remember Seattle superhero, Phoenix Jones who was busted after he pepper sprayed a group of people he said were fighting outside a nightclub.
Well not only was he unmasked as Benjamin John Francis Fodor, but now he's lost his day job teaching autistic kids.
"As a result of my new found free time I will be starting day patrols when I'm not looking for work,"  he wrote on his Facebook page.
"The real losers here are the kids that won't understand why I'm not able to see them anymore."
He told KING: "It basically just said that effectively immediately, I was no longer able to work with disabled or autistic children.
"The reason is because I was put on a list of people who interject themselves into dangerous situations and some government agency put me on that list."
Now he's vowed to wear his familiar charcoal and yellow protective suit during the day while he looks for another job. 
His case is still being reviewed, prosecutors say.

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