Tuesday, November 8, 2011


THE CREEPY subway pervert who got a beat down from his victim, who then snapped a pic of him on her blackberry has been turned in by his brother. 
As we reported here 22-year-old Shyane DeJesus was less than impressed when the man sidled up to her at Manhattan's Union Square Station and began rubbing himself on her thigh. 
So she smashed him in the head and then snapped a pic of him with her Blackberry. 
Her quick thinking proved invaluable and after a huge manhunt cops caught up with the loose handed creep after he was turned in by an unlikely source - his brother. 
With his image splashed all over the media Froylan Andrade's days were always numbered, but when cops arrived at his workplace Spring Street Natural they didn't find him but his estranged brother.
“He said the two of them just don’t get along,” a law enforcement source told the NY Post.
“He confirmed the photo looked like his brother and assisted us by providing his brother’s home address.”
Miss DeJesus said at the time: "It's just sick, it's sick. He just went for it. He grabbed my left shoulder. He pushed my head forward. He lifted my dress and groped me from underneath."
But she had the last laugh and reportedly picked Andrade out of a line-up.

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