Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ohio serial killer Anthony Sowell wants new trial

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Evil Anthony Sowell is bizarrely going for it. He thinks he deserves a new trial. Here's a refresher: the serial killer butchered 11 women and hid the remains in his rundown Cleveland house. As it stands, evil Tony has date with the executioner but his lawyers think "a judge wrongly closed a portion of jury selection and a hearing where attorneys argued about his police interrogation", the Associated Press reports. The prosecution ain't fooled by the 55-year-old monster.
"It's important to note that everything the judge did in this case he did to protect Anthony Sowell's right to a fair trial," assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor Chris Schroeder said . "That was the reason why he closed the courtroom." MORE FROM ABC NEWS

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