Tuesday, February 22, 2011


HOLIDAY hotspot Acapulco went loco on the weekend as Mexico's deadly drugs wars hit the city.
Trails of blood flowed into the gutters as corpses were found strewn across the city on the streets, down back alleys and inside cabs.
Holiday makers were left stunned by the attacks which came just hours before the start of The Mexican Open Tennis tournament, which features Australian Open semi-finalist David Ferrer and former Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian.
It's rare turf wars hit the city and it's thought that drugs gangs chose
this weekend because of the international event.    
The slaughter began on Friday, when five taxi drivers were found dead in or around their vehicles.

Later that day another lifeless cabbie was found tied to his taxi with several gunshot wounds, while that evening two others, one decapitated, were found shot dead inside their vehicles.
The killing spree continued as a group of gunmen opened fire against another taxi cab, killing the driver and three passengers.
While Sunday, four more wracked up the bloody death toll.
Tournament organisers at the Association of Tennis Professionals said today: 'Following an independent security assessment and discussions with tournament organisers, we are satisfied that responsible measures are being taken."

Meanwhile, 53 people were killed in a 72-hour span in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, making it one of the deadliest three-day periods in recent memory,  the state attorney general's office spokesman said yesterday.
In the first 40 days of 2011, the state is averaging an incredible eight homicides per day.

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