Thursday, April 28, 2011


A SAW wielding maniac killed his wife and then turned the weapon on himself. Horrified cops watched as Keith Lincoln, 49, "pick up a saw, inflicting serious injury to one of his legs."
Rushing into the Plymouth, MA home they attempted to save him, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.
It was then they found another body believed to be his wife Jettie, but her body was too badly mangled to identify, and two dead dogs all carved up with the saw.

Assistant District Attorney Bridget Norton Middleton said: "Investigators are still working to confirm her identification. Due to the condition of her body, that has been a little challenging."
Middleton declined to elaborate further on the state of the victim's body and said positive identification will be completed using dental records.
 She added that authorities have yet to determine a possible motive for the apparent murder-suicide, which she described as "certainly violent." Authorities have not found a suicide note or a feasible explanation for it.

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