Thursday, April 28, 2011


THE CABLE guy is going off the air if cops in New York have their way. The boob-tube loving Staten Island headcase who killed his wife for not paying for cable while he was in hospital has been formally charged. Blanche Scala, 59, was killed Nov. 27 after her husband Thomas hit her at their home. Originally he was charged with assault but now that's been upgraded to criminally negligent homicide.
Scala was pissed at his wife for not visiting him or, most particularly, paying for premium cable during his latest stay. He began tossing objects, including an ashtray that dinged her in the head. She tried to
escape but he set her clothes ablaze. She fled, went to a friend's house and then died the next day. Cops say he had hit her in the same place the week before with the same ashtray.
Neighbors said he was a "brutal man" who used an iron fist to control the remote and was physically and emotionally abusive towards his wife.

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