Wednesday, May 4, 2011


THE bare faced cheek of it. Brett Henderson really didn't want anything weighing him down, as he ran the marathon but about an hour into his epic 26 mile run he took that to extremes.
The 35-year-old decided that even clothes were too heavy for him, so he stripped down to nothing and carried on running.
Needless to say the crowd weren't too impressed with him letting it all hang out, nor were the local cops watching Cincinatti's annual flying pig marathon.
But when they ordered him to stop, Henderson refused determined to continue what he'd started - even if it meant running another 20 or so miles with his bitA hanging out.
Cops however didn't quite see eye to eye with him - metaphorically
of course - and so they pulled out the taser and shocked him into submission.  
Henderson's mother Lee told News 5 that he had borrowed a pair of running shorts from his father, but they kept slipping down as he ran.
She said he kept running without shorts because he was determined to complete the race he had trained for.
Henderson appeared at his Monday afternoon arraignment wearing a Flying Pig Marathon T-shirt. He pleaded not guilty and was told to return for a future court date.

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