Wednesday, May 4, 2011


HE was caught half naked in women's underwear, surrounded by a pool of blood from the dead goat that he'd cruelly slaughtered and yes you've guessed it - he was high as a kite on drugs.
Mark Thompson told cops he'd been been smashed on bath salts for three days, which he blamed for the mean killing of his neighbor's pet.
Deputies went to Thompson's Charleston, W.Va home after a neighbor, Lisa Powers, called 911 claiming Thompson had murdered her grandson's pet pygmy goat.
Thompson then fled to some nearby woods before they could arrive, police said but he later returned and told police he had been high on
the so-called bath salts - some of which have become popular as designer hallucinogens.
Certain bath salts are considered a synthetic drug that a person can shoot up or snort and taking them is becoming a growing problem as side effects including paranoid delusions, causing some to see grotesque visions was well as anxiety and paranoia, Thompson was taken into custody by Adult Protective Services, and is reportedly being held on $50,000 bail.

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