Thursday, June 23, 2011


WHACKED out dope fiend David Laffer who brutally executed four people in a Long Island Pharmacy has always been a gun nut according to family and friends.
Growing up, his father who passed away in 1996, was an active member of the NRA, so the degenerate drug user, who allegedly stole, 10,000 Hydrocodone pills before his brutal slaughter, had learned about weapons young.
Then he served in the army from 1994 to 2002, where weapons training would have been mandatory.
In several Internet postings, Laffer claimed to have served in a military intelligence unit in the Bronx under Ronald Bucca, a heroic fire marshal who was killed on 9/11.
He wrote: "Served with Sgt. Ronald Bucca... in the Bronx. Was my privilege to have served with him. Actually remember speaking to him, on 9/10. Will be forever missed."On the day  Osama bin Laden was killed he again mentioned him, writing: "Hey Buc... May you rest a little easier now… Laffer."
But the mystery remains as to what the connection between the two men, one a hero, the other, the ultimate villain actually was. 
On his Facebook page Laffer also hints as his obsession with weapons mentioning his Springfield XD , a semi-automatic handgun on his page.
He also listed one of his favorite TV shows as "Deadliest Warrior" a series that pits historical and modern warriors and weapons against each other to determine the deadlier of the two.
Hours after his arrest Laffer was picked out of a lineup by victim Jamie Taccetta's fiancé, James Manzella -- who had been waiting for her outside the drug store and saw the assassin -- and was then hauled off to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital's emergency room for treatment of minor injuries.
"It was definitely him," Manzella said, according to a police source.
It's believed he carried out the killings so he could get the drugs for him and his wife Melinda Brady, who is also thought to be addicted to the drug known as "Hillbilly Heroin". 
He has been charged with the murders of workers Raymond Ferguson, 45, and Jennifer Mejia, 17,  and customers Bryon Sheffield, 71, and Jamie Taccetta, 33.


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