Friday, August 26, 2011


BASEBALL legend Lenny Dykstra placed ads on Craigslist for personal assistants and then exposed himself to them when they turned up for interviews, cops say.
At least six women say they arrived at the home of the troubled former All-Star in the hope of landing the lucrative role, to be told that the job also required a massage service.
Then, they say the one time champion outfielder, who led the NY Mets to a World Series, exposed himself to them.
The news will pile more pressure on Dykstra, who could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count, if convicted.
He has already pleaded not guilty in June to five counts of attempted grand theft auto, four counts of identity theft, eight counts of filing false financial statements, three counts of grand theft auto and three counts of possession of a controlled substance.
He was indicted in May on bankruptcy fraud for allegedly selling items from his $18 million mansion in Ventura County, a federal prosecutor told KTLA.After filing for bankruptcy protection, Dykstra allegedly "looted" his Sherwood Estates mansion in Thousand Oaks, California, lied about who stripped the mansion, and denied receiving money for having sold items that were owned by the bankruptcy estate, Mrozek said.
According to court documents, an attorney hired by the bankruptcy trustee estimates that Dykstra stole and destroyed more than $400,000 worth of property in the estate.
Records show he filed for bankruptcy in July 2009, he had accumulated loans totaling $21 million, bankruptcy records show.
His attorney, Mark Werksman has vowed that he will fight all the charges. 

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