Thursday, August 25, 2011


PIMPIN'. Is there anything lower than a pimp (child molesters do come to mind)? OK, there is but they're near the bottom of criminal food chain, society's too. Chicago cops have smashed a sex trafficking ring that had victims as young as 12 who were recruited to work as hookers. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, some worked 24 hour shifts--then gave 100% of their cash to their pimps. If they didn't they were beaten, whipped, threatened with death, branded with tattoos then stuffed in car trunks for hours. Cops said they had uncovered the "major" human sex trafficking operation run by Vice Lords and other gangs on the South and West Sides. The
operation preyed on dozens of girls and young women from Chicago, Indiana and Wisconsin. It was the culmination of 18-month undercover operation called "Operation Little Girl Lost." The pimp gang was described as “vicious predators” who sought girls and young women to work for them on the L and local stores.
 Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez said: “Gang members are not just selling drugs any longer. They’re selling children and young women for sex right here in our own backyard. I hardly think that there’s an 11 or 12-year-old girl out there who is prostituting herself. Obviously she is being put on the street and sold and someone’s making money off of this.”
Charged are: Sahura “Hollywood” Allen, 26; Jaymes Hart, 25; Travis Creekmore, 31; and his nephew, Jerrell Creekmore, 21. Others awaiting bond hearings include Arthur Deshazor, 29; Vincent “Snake” Davis, 39; Norman Hicks, 37; and Lenaris “Lil Daddy” Brown, 25. Deshazor and Davis are cousins, court documents state. Katrina “Lollypop” Zaia, 24, also of Evergreen Park, was described as the “recruiter, manager, overseer” of the operation by prosecutors. MORE IN THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

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