Monday, August 15, 2011


COPS in Missouri have arrested and charged a father of three with first-degree murder in the death of Breeann Rodriguez. The 3-year-old disappeared Aug. 6 while riding her pink bicycle. Days later her training wheels were discovered. And now there has been an arrest in Senath, Missouri. Shawn S. Morgan, 43, is now sitting in a jail cell awaiting arraignment. Unfortunately, the sweet little girl's body has yet to be found.
Police spokesman Mike McCammon said: "Morgan is charged with causing
the death of Breeann Rodriguez, three years old, also of Senath, by suffocating her. The charge is that he did this on August 6th, the day that she went missing." Morgan, a steelworker, lives just down this street from Breeann's home and was quietly arrested late Friday.

Neighbor Debra Miller said of accused killer: "His wife just came over and said they were taking out computers and just bags of stuff. ... Of course she was upset but trying to believe the best.
"Our street is a dead-end street. We watch after each other's children. Our grandchildren have been here all summer. This is so shocking. It's hard to believe. ... He's such a small-built man, about 5'6," maybe 130 or 140 popunds, real meek. And just always seemed like a real nice guy." MORE ON THE BREEANN RODRIGUEZ MURDER

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