Monday, August 15, 2011


TO the outside world he was a caring, compassionate Peace Corps volunteer, who worked with AIDS orphans in South Africa. 
But now it appears that Jesse Osmun, 31, had a much darker side and he has confessed to molesting at least five girls, none of whom is is older than six, for months. 
South African police translator Samkele Mhlongo said the aid worker also showed the children child pornography stored on his computer.
He added: "They were frightened. They were brave to tell. They did something very important."
Osmun who had also volunteered with an orphanage in Kenya aroused suspicions when a teacher saw him following three girls into a building at the shelter.  
When she walked in, she found Osmun, who described himself on his blog as an "Africa Lover", zipping up his pants. 
A girl later told the teacher she was asked to perform oral sex and that he had given them sweets and told them not to tell anyone.     
The shelter's director told investigators she had confronted Osmun and urged him to get help, which he had refused to do.
The same day the aid worker announced that he intended to leave the Peace Corps early, a few months short of the end of his two year service. 
He was busted last week in Connecticut and has now faces a possible 30-years behind bars and a fine of $250,000 after being charged with travelling outside of the US to engage in sexual conduct with a minor.

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