Thursday, August 25, 2011


HIS grandfather and screen legend Clark Gable must be turning in his grave.
Because his idiot grandson Clark James Gable is facing three-years behind bars, for the dumb crime of pointing a green laser at an LAPD helicopter.
Quite what the 22-year-old was thinking, no one knows, but according to cops the light obstructed the vision of two officers in the helicopter, which they later pinpointed to a small red car.
A police source said: "This type of thing is incredibly dangerous. If he had blinded the pilot, who knows what might have happened."
The laser light flashed two more times, before cops on the ground stopped the car, in which Gable, who faces three years in state prison if convicted, was the passenger.
His family have however denied the charges claiming that he was aiming at the Hollywood sign and did not even know that the helicopter was there according to KCBS 
 Gable is scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

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