Thursday, September 22, 2011


THE WIFE of a former Oklahoma prison warden who disappeared with a convicted killer only to be found living with him more than a decade later has been found guilty of helping him to escape. 
As we reported here Bobbi Parker, now 49, helped Randolph Franklin Dial escape from the Oklahoma State Reformatory in 1994, where her husband was in charge. 
They were found living together in Texas in 2005 under assumed names - Richard and Samantha Deahl, along with a selection of love letters and sex toys. 
At the time of their arrests, Parker, who's husband Randy, supported her throughout the trial, was working on a chicken farm.  
Prosecutors contended that Parker was in love with Dial, after he helped her with the prison pottery program she was running so she helped him escape and they began a new life. 
But Parker claimed that he drugged and kidnapped her, then kept her from calling police or alerting people she knew by threatening to harm her family.
Dial, backed her version before his death in 2007, claiming he kept her hostage even while she nursed him back to health after a heart attack.   
In a letter he wrote from prison after he was recaptured, Dial said: "I'll do anything to see her in the clear of all this." 
In another, he said: "Who cares how many years I get? With my life sentence, who's counting? Not me."
The jury didn't believe that she had been kidnapped however but recommended that Parker only receive one year in prison when she is sentenced October 6. 
She could have faced up to 10 years in prison.
Prosecutors said they were pleased with the verdict.
Assistant District Attorney David Thomas told KOCO: "We're just grateful for the work of the jury to sacrifice their summer."

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