Thursday, September 22, 2011


CANADA'S MOST notorious serial killer, Clifford Olson, will be dead of cancer in days and people are cheering. A vile beast who murdered 11 children in British Columbia during the late 1970s and 80s , taunted their families and manipulated the justice system to his own sick ends, his death can't come fast enough for some. Terry Bizeau's daughter Terri Lyn Carson was 15 when she was strangled to death by the life long criminal.
She said of man who called himself the Beast of B.C.': “I’ve waited 30 years for this. Once he is dead, justice will be done."
Other families of the 11 slain children expressed similar sentiments after learning earlier this week
from corrections brass Olson is on his deathbed. Dee Johnston's stepdaughter, Colleen Daignault, 13, was also killed told Sun Media: “You raise (children) believing that you don’t wish him any harm, you don’t wish him dead, but deep down in our guts we do want him dead."
Sharon Rosenfeldt, whose 16-year-old son Daryn Johnsrude was the third victim, said she was told he had been moved to a hospital near where he has been serving a life sentence for the child sex murders.
She said: “Once the cancer has metastasized. It could be in the brain, it could be in the bones, it could be in the pancreas – but once it has metastasized that’s the final stages."
Olson also claimed credit for 100 more homicides and became the symbol for get tough on crime triggering a massive outpouring of fury at a justice system many believed had gone awry.

Even one criminologist scoffed at studying the monster's brain: “Put him in the ground, burn him up and be done with it.” MORE ON CLFFORD OLSON IN THE TORONTO SUN

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