Thursday, September 22, 2011


NO, REALLY. We're not kidding. Two Atlanta men have just been sentenced to life in prison PLUS 50 years for the ridiculous shooting spree that left one man dead and two others wounded. Why? you ask. Well, pull up a chair. Antonio Harris and Geno 'Big Brain' West, both 27 were watching a bit of TV on the illegal cable TV service Harris was receiving in June 2008. But suddenly, the service was cut. Angry Harris blamed his neighbors for the disruption in service and the pair burst into the other unit, guns blazing. Innocent bystander Marcus Simpson, 28, was killed with wounds to his head and stomach.
And that's a true story.

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  1. Marcus Simpson was a "Thug" Bully. He was not innocent. He ran a trap house consisting of drugs, guns, and prostetutes. He initated his own murder. He stole cable and broke his neighbors windows in threat. Marcus Simpson and his gang terrorized the streets of Atlanta,GA. If you want to know the truth be more careful on listening to a white idiot who know nothing of the case. Kids..stay in school and get off the streets. Felons took the stand and lied. Becareful because the jury let 3 convicted felons go; Teraca Mables (admitted she lied). 2 of the witness were wanted on "Burgerly by Force" on 3 accounts, yet the jury let them go. (p.s. the witness admitted that the state paid them $25 dollars a day to testify and lie). Know the truth..Know who's Stupid???? Marcus Simpson..lesson learned!!