Friday, September 30, 2011


A WOMAN accused of tying a grandfather up and killing him by mowing him down with his car, is claiming he promised her $180,000 if she helped him die.
Jennifer Riesel, 28,  has been charged with the brutal murder of Francis Nelson who's mangled body was near his car on a rural road, near his Utica, NY home.
But she told investigators that the 74-year-old had asked her to kill him, even specifying that he wanted it to look like a violent robbery, promising she would receive the money once he was dead.
Her lawyer Ed Kaminski told Utica's Observer Dispatch the she had known Nelson for about four years and they had a relationship almost like grandfather and granddaughter
He added: "I don't think that this conduct was anything that emanated from greed and certainly not hate, but rather it came from compassion, although misguided compassion."
It's thought the unemployed Riesel, met Nelson, known to most as 'Micky' at the German Maennerchor social club where he was president.
Trooper Jack Keller said that they were still investigating her claims, but he was clear that no money ever changed hands, Nelson's were all in order and there was no sign of thievery.
He said: "We're still not sure how that arrangement was going to be made. But that was the ultimate deal." 
He added there was no evidence Nelson suffered from a serious or terminal illness and nothing indicating he was despondent.
He said: "It's still being looked into, but we have no reason to believe he was suicidal. He was well-liked in the community and hardworking." 
In the meantime Riesel was jailed Thursday without bail on a second-degree murder charge.

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