Friday, September 30, 2011


IT'S TEEN terror season in America. This time it's North Carolina where a 15-year-old boy is accused of viciously ambushing his father and stepmother--because he was grounded. The plan was then to skip off to Mexico, he even had a bag packed with his toiletries, clothes and underwear. But first he gathered his guns.
According to court documents, the baby-faced teen claims he was a battered child who experienced physical abuse from the time he was a baby and his dad Christian Hans Liewald, 43, controlled his every move.
Early Monday, the teen called 911, saying he had
shot his father and stepmother, Cassie Meghan Buckaloo, 24. He told cops he'd be waiting and when the law arrived, they found the couple shot to death. The prosecution has hinted they wanted him tried as an adult.
His biological mom, Shelby Hodges, was in court and in tears. The A student was grounded  Friday and he then decided he must kill his father before he'd be able to run away. On Sunday night, he put on a tactical vest and taped a knife to it, prosecutors said. He placed a shotgun in the hallway as back-up. Then he waited for his father to arrive. Since the murder, three of Liewald's ex-wives have told the Charlotte Observer they suffered physical abuse at Liewald's hands.
 One said:  "He was scary. He was really scary. I would want to hide."


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