Monday, September 26, 2011


A RETARDED geek huge fan of Japanese manga comics engaged in twisted antics with his girlfriend that shocked even the judge. Cops say Sir Wilfred "Lone Wilf" Camaligan (LOL!), 22, met his victim, 20, at an anime convention in June. They became Facebook buddies and then started dating. But after she moved into his Chicago apartment he turned crazy and held her captive for two months. The Lone Wilf wouldn't let her leave, beat her with a wooden stick and crowbar and forced her to cut herself. He even strangled her til she slipped into unconsciousness. Oh, and he made her kneel on rice as he carved an X into her breast. She escaped Friday and called her
mom. She was covered in bruises.

 Judge Adam Bourgeois told him Sunday he usually only denied bail to killers: "This is beyond the pale. I don’t think there’s any condition or set of conditions I could set that would protect the community from you."
At the convention where the victim met the Lone Wilf, there is a photo of her posing as a video game character. One of the panel discussions was about a panel entitled “the dysfunctional elements of the Otaku Subculture,” including male megafans who had trouble relating to women and acted out violently against them, according to the convention’s website. The Lone Wilf is charged with attempted murder and a litany of other offenses. MORE IN THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

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