Monday, September 26, 2011


THE NUTTY professor accused of going on a crazy shooting rampage during a university staff meeting has pleaded not guilty to murder.
Harvard educated neurobiologist, Amy Bishop allegedly killed three fellow academics and wounded three more during a routine meeting of the biology department in the University of Alabama's, Huntsville campus.
As we reported here, she pulled out a 0.9mm she blasted the chairman of the department Gopi Podila and two other professor's Maria Ragland Davis and Adriel D Johnson Sr.
As the other's fled, she carried on firing, injuring Professors Joseph Leahy and staff aide Stephanie Monticciolo, who are still recovering from head wounds and assistant professor Luis Cruz-Vera also was shot and wounded.
She was described as being angry at the school's refusal to grant her tenure, a decision that effectively would have ended her employment in the biology department at UAH.
After the killings at the university, Bishop also was charged with killing her teenage brother in Massachusetts in a shooting that originally was ruled an accident in 1986.
Amy Bishop stood silent, dressed in jailhouse red, wearing a bulletproof vest and looking pale and thin, while one of her lawyers entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity on her behalf to capital murder charges.

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