Friday, October 28, 2011


A SENSATIONAL new report in the National Enquirer is claiming that doomed Maryland party girl Robyn Gardner was buried alive by her creepy travel companion in Aruba. The Enquirer says a tipster told the tab that Gardner, 35, was "buried in a dog's grave." Cops on the Caribbean island are currently hunting for the grave. The tipster told the paper that swinging Gary Giordano beat the pretty blonde, then suffocated her before tying her arms and legs, putting a bag over her head and burying her.
The source said: "He dug up a fresh dog's grave with his hands, removed the dog's body, widened the hole and put Robyn in it. He placed the dog's body on top of hers -- and covered them up. Then she started groaning and moving." ROBYN WAS BURIED ALIVE

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