Friday, October 28, 2011


TOPLESS, drunk and driving at 128mph - it must have been a helluva party.
Meet drunken vixen Erin B. Holdsworth who cops were only able to bust after they layed down stop sticks after a high speed chase earlier this month.

Officers' jaws dropped as they told her to d get out of the vehicle and she was wearing nothing but a see-through top, g-string and a pair of tennis shoes. 
The 28-year-old had led officers on a long, hair raising chase before cops eventually got to her Chief Jon Bokovitz of the Bainbridge Police Department, told WJW-TV.
But she flew into a rage after cops cuffed her and began screaming and kicking the cruiser's back window.Bokovitz added: "She was hitting her head against the wall."
Court records show she has two previous counts of driving under the influence and was wearing an ankle bracelet to monitor alcohol intake at the time of the incident.
 Holdsworth, a mom of three, appeared in court on Wednesday to face charges of driving under the influence, failure to comply, reckless operation and other charges.

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