Monday, November 7, 2011


CHICAGO COP Hester Scott vowed to keep trying to save her troubled 15-year-old grandson until her dying breath, the Sun-Times reports. And in the end, she kept her promise. She told her sister Thursday: “I’ll fight till my dying breath to turn his life around."
 On Friday, the dedicated cop found her layabout grandson, Keshawn 'Special K' Perkins asleep in front of the TV in the basement. He exploded, smashed her in the head with a lamp then stabbing her multiple times with a knife, severing her jugular. He then dragged the 55-year-old cop's body in the backyard
and fled the scene--covered in blood and carrying her purse (doesn't sound like Keshawn is going to cure cancer.) He was arrested later and told detectives Hester was yelling at him for skipping class. He didn't like it and killed her. COP KILLED BY IDIOT GRANDSON

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