Monday, November 21, 2011


A LONE wolf bomber who wanted to blow up cops and soldiers returning from the battlefiled has been busted by the NYPD.
Al Qaeda loving Jose Pimentel, 27, who allegedly wanted to change his name to Osama Hussein, dreamed of "violent jihad" was busted with pipe bombs in his New York apartment. 
The NYPD counter-terrorism unit had been following him since May 2009, when inspired by the death of terror chief Anwar Al Awlaki, he began buying the equipment to make the explosives.  
Mayor Bloomberg said Pimentel was "plotting to bomb police patrol cars and postal facilities as well as targeted members of our armed services returning from abroad."
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Pimentel was close to putting his deadly plan into action.
He told the NY Post: "We had to act quickly yesterday because he was in fact putting this bomb together. He was drilling holes and it would have been not appropriate for us to let him walk out the door with that bomb." Pimentel was reportedly able to build three pipe bombs using instructions found in an article in the online terror magazine Inspire. 
The magazine featured an article entitled, "How to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom."
He also intended to test the effectiveness of the bombs by placing them in mailboxes and detonating them.
The charges against him include conspiracy, first-degree criminal possession of a weapon as a crime of terrorism, and soliciting support for a terrorist act.
His lawyer Joseph Zablocki denied the charged and said his behavior leading up to the arrest was not that of a conspirator trying to conceal some violent scheme. 
He said Pimentel: "Has this very public online profile... This is not the way you go about committing a terrorist attack."

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