Monday, November 21, 2011


HOLLYWOOD legend Michael Douglas' druggie son will not be snitching on his dealer after the feds decided to dump him.
As we reported here the star's canary son, Cameron,  was sentenced to five years for dealing meth out of a high end Manhattan hotel.
But in a desperate bid to have his sentence reduced, he agreed to give evidence against David Escalera, who is charged with conspiracy for his role in a drug smuggling ring.
His lawyer last month called Douglas a "manipulator" and a "liar" in court last month, adding that he would say anything to get out of jail time.
And it seems that the feds agree. Prosecutor Justin Anderson told the judge at a hearing this month: “Cameron Douglas was a problematic witness, as the court noted when he was here before, and we’ve now taken him out of the case.”
It remains to be seen whether he'll be reinstated.

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