Friday, November 11, 2011


THE MURDEROUS ghoul who battered a gorgeous teen to death in a real life Halloween horror has promised "more violence" against women in a letter to cops. 
RCMP officers received the threat in an eery letter from the person claiming to responsible for the
murder of Taylor Van Diest in the small Canadian town of Armstrong BC. 
As we reported here the 18-year-old was dressed as a Zombie, when she went out to meet pals for a night of Halloween partying.
When she didn't make it, a search party was launched and she was found, viciously beaten, less than a mile from her home by her boyfriend Colton Luttmerding.
Cops are now worried the vicious killer, may now strike again.  
Corporal Dan Moskaluk told the Vancouver Sun: "At this point in time we will not speculate whether the letter is authentic, though we are working to determine who may have sent it. Our primary concern remains the safety of the public.
"We would hope that the person or persons responsible share our concern."
He would not disclose any more details of the letter.
Cops have put 40 homicide detectives on the case, determined to solve the gruesome Halloween beating. 
But the community remains on high alert.  
City councillor and mother of two, Kelly Rowe, told the paper the letter has raised anxiety in the community. 
"They're just not allowed on the streets, period, without me," she said of her two girls.

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