Tuesday, September 30, 2014

'Fatal Attraction' poisoner doc gets 10 years

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- A cancer researcher whose affair with a colleague turned into a "fatal attraction" when she laced his coffee with a sweet tasting chemical found in anti-freeze was sentenced to 10-years behind bars.   Breast cancer doctor, Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo was furious that her colleague at Houston's Texas Medical Center, Dr. George Blumenschein had spurned her for his long time live in girlfriend Evette Toney, prosecutors said.
So she poisoned him with ethylene glycol.
During the trial it emerged that Gonzalez-Angulo had lied about being attacked outside her home, in a bid to get Blumenschein to leave his girlfriend, with whom he was planning to start a family.

When that failed, in January 2013, shortly after they'd been intimate he told the jury that he felt sick. He immediately suspected his lover, he said.
Her later secretly recorded calls in which he tried to get her to admit to poisoning him.
The court also heard that Gonzalez-Angulo had access to ethylene glycol at work.
She was found guilty of aggravated assault.

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