Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black Widow Michele Williams killed hubby for ca$h

Happier times: Michele Williams pictured with her third husband, Gregory, on their wedding day - years before the 40-year-old man was found shot in the headFORT WORTH, TEXAS -- A Texas jury has convicted the 45-year-old MILF dubbed the 'Black Widow of Keller' of murdering her wealthy husband for $800,000 in insurance money.  Prosecutors claimed that Michele Williams desperately tried to frame someone else for the 2011 murder of her husband Greg Williams in their posh Fort Worth mansion.  She also tried to make her hubby's death look like a suicide. The jury deliberated for most of the day and when the verdict was read, the cold-hearted killer broke down in tears.
After her husband was buried in the ground, Williams embarked on a spending spree and lured in a new toy boy -- a bodybuilder 15 years her junior and a friend of her son's.
"The motive was money. Tried-and-true, age-old money — greed," assistant district attorney Jack Strickland said in court. Her sentencing was expected to last all day and she faces a life sentence.  MORE IN THE DAILY MAIL

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