Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The new Don Corleone? Meet Frederick Sowell

Watch out Don Corleone.
It's safe to say that teenage carjacker Frederick Sowell did not think through his crime which he decided to carry it out in broad daylight - in a cemetery.
The 18-year-old genius leapt into the running car at the Mount St. Benedict Cemetery in Hartford, Conn. when Anne-Marie Rabbett got out to fetch water for flowers.
He failed to notice the 86-year-old passenger, who managed to jump from the car as he pulled away. She was relatively unscathed.

Possibly spooked by the plucky pensioner Sowell than drove over several grave markers, scattered large crowd at a burial site and struck a young girl before he was finally being stopped at an exit, cops said.  
His mom told the Hartford Courant that he suffers from bi-polar disorder and Judge Joan Alexander also asked for a mental health watch on Sowell after setting his bail at $500,000 during his arraignment.

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