Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Zunich had sex with foster dad; then murdered mom

WILLOUGHBY HILLS, OHIO -- A teenager terror who slaughtered her sleeping foster mother with a frenzied knife attack at the behest of her foster father with whom she was having a torrid affair, has been sentenced to life in prison.
"The gruesome, shocking, revolting nature of this crime ranks among the worst I have ever seen in my many years on this bench," Judge Richard Collins Jr. said in a video taken by WKYC-TV.
Sabrina Zunich was just 17 when she slashed 41-year-old Lisa Knoefel 178 times with a 10 inch blade as she lay asleep in their Willoughby Hills, Ohio home, according to Cleveland's newsnet five.

The victim's husband Kevin Knoefel was convicted in June of telling Zunich to commit the crime so he could cash in an $800,000 life insurance policy. He is appealing his sentence.
After tutoring the teen on which knife to use and how to make it look like a robbery the cowardly lothario made sure he was nowhere near the crime scene when the vicious murder took place.
The pair also reportedly had sex on the day of the crime.
Facing a life behind bars, Zunich, now 19, turned on her former flame, testifying against him in June. Judge Collins Jr. said he would have sentenced her to life without parole is she had not given evidence against her foster father, who a court heard had feared his wife would leave him, taking custody of their three-year-old child.
Wiping tears from her eyes Zunich apologised for her actions saying that her foster mom "did not deserve what happened to her."

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