Monday, October 20, 2014

Rejected Rachel Craig first revenge porn arrest

Craig frequently posts selfies and messages to Facebook, often about love and the quest for happiness.The revenge porn law went into effect July 1, and Craig, of Waynesboro, is the first in the state to be charged with the misdemeanor offense.WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA --  A rejected Virginia woman is the first to be charged under the state's new "revenge porn" law. Cops say Rachel Lynn Craig, 28, of Waynesboro stole a naked photo of her ex-beau's new gal pal and posted it online.
“That was one thing we really had to establish. What was the intent of Ms. Craig for posting this?” Waynesboro police Sgt. Brian Edwards said “She considered the victim a romantic rival for this one individual's affections and she said that she did it out of anger."


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