Friday, June 17, 2011


CRAZED Vancouver Canuck hockey fans ran riot through the city, setting cars on fire, smashing windows and showering giant TV screens with beer bottles  after their game seven loss to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup final. Police said they had reports of four stabbings, though a spokeswoman for the city would not confirm them and BCTV reported at least 58 people were injured in the ruckus.
Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson called the violence "disgraceful." He said: "We have a small number of hooligans on the streets of Vancouver causing problems. It's absolutely disgraceful and
shameful and by no means represents the city of Vancouver.

"We have had an extraordinary run in the playoff, great celebration. What's happened tonight is despicable."
The violence started when fans set fire to a stuffed bear decorated to symbolize the Boston Bruins.
Police started using flash-bangs - grenades, which are made to distract and disorient, rather than injure - to break up the mobs.

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