Friday, June 17, 2011


CASEY Anthony's lawyer sensationally claimed that both her dad or brother could have fathered of her daughter Caylee. 
In the explosive start to their defense case lead defense lawyer Jose Baez suggested either her grandfather George or uncle Lee could have been Caylee's dad. 
On the third anniversary of the tragic toddler's disappearance, he asked FBI analyst Heather Seubert if she had conducted a paternity test on Lee.   Furious prosecutor's immediately objected and Judge Belvin Perry quickly sent jurors to lunch. 
He told Baez: "You are not to ask questions that will lead to an inference. I'm not even going to venture a guess as to your motivation."
But according to ABC Seubert revealed today that both of the men had been tested by the FBI and that both men had in fact, been excluded, although when the jury returned they heard that Lee Anthony's test came back negative.
But he did not ask the witness about the testing of George Anthony, leaving jurors in the dark as to the fact that George Anthony was in fact tested and excluded from being Caylee's father.
Astonishingly Seubert contradicted prosecution witnesses, testifying that pieces of Anthony's car did not test positive for blood and neither did any of her clothes.
Seubert also said that the "possible presence of blood" was detected on the Winnie the Pooh blanket and tattered shirt found with Caylee's remains, but there was not enough to be able to be certain.
The trial continues.

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