Friday, June 17, 2011


MEET Molly Jane Roe: possibly the sickest woman in America if what cops are saying is true. According to detectives in Tennessee, Molly Jane Roe, 24, threw her boyfriend's 17-month-old baby, Maleeya Marie Murley, against a wall and the child hit her head. She later died of a severe brain injury last week in Bells, Tennessee.
Monster Molly was was originally busted for aggravated child abuse then upped to murder. She also faces a charge of aggravated rape of a child, who had bruising in her vaginal area, hip, stomach and a bite mark on her back. Cops don't believe the baby's dad, Phillip Murley Jr. had anything to
do with the sinister crime.
A friend of Murley's parents said: "I don't understand how anyone could even think about doing such a crime to a child. They all broke down crying." MORE IN THE JACKSON SUN

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