Tuesday, September 20, 2011


PHOTO: Aruban authorities plan to use new photos of missing U.S. tourist Robyn Gardner partying with Gary Giordano in Aruba two night before her disappearance to reconstruct her movements the day before she vanished.COPS IN Aruba will reconstruct the final movements of missing tourist Robyn Gardner who is suspected of being murdered in a wicked insurance plot. Gardner was in Aruba with Gary Giordano, who she met on a swinger's website. He is being held by cops on the Caribbean island.
According to ABC NEWS : Authorities will use eyewitness testimony, surveillance video and new photos of Gardner to re-enact what might have happened. The photos of Gardner show her partying with Giordano in Aruba two nights before she disappeared. In one of the photos, she's with Giordano, and in the other, she's standing by herself.
Gardner, 35, an unemployed dental assistant and aspiring model from Maryland has been missing since Aug. 2. Giordano, 50, says she vanished while the pair were snorkeling in a strong current. He has denied harming her--despite taking out a $1.5 million insurance policy before they left the U.S.

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