Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A COURTROOM in Connecticut began hearing the final act of the cold-blooded Petit murders. Yesterday, court heard witnesses describe the final horrifying moments and desperate attempts to save Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters inside their home that had been turned into an inferno. Prosecutors declined to give an opening statement to start the trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky,
31, who faces 17 charges in a brutal home invasion in posh Cheshire. But they did introduce tapes from two 911 calls: a bank teller who claimed the mom tried to withdraw $15,000 as ransom and the cop who found Dr. William Petit -- the lone survivor -- fighting for life outside his family's burning home. Komisarjevsky's co-defendant Steven Hayes was sentenced to death last December. He has claimed Hayes was the killer.Hayes and Komisarjevsky went into the Petit home, beat and tied up Dr. William Petit, raped and strangled his wife, molested one of their daughters and set the house ablaze before attempting to flee. The two daughters, who were both tied to their beds, died of smoke inhalation. William Petit managed to escape. Petit told reporters: "I just hope justice was served."

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