Tuesday, September 20, 2011


THE MONSTER mom accused of smothering her twin boys to death, just moments after she gave birth to them on her parents toilet is a "model daughter" according to her parents. 
Mark Lowe said his daughter Lindsey was "as good good as it gets" adding that she was warm, kind and good person. 
As we reported here, she admitted last week that she held her hands over her defenseless tots mouths and suffocated them to death, just moments after she gave birth to them in the toilet of her parent's Hendersonville, TN home.
Then with both children dead, police said, she took them out of the toilet, covered them with blankets and hid them in a laundry basket.
It was her father, who now springs to her defense, who discovered the shocking crime. 

According to The Tennessean he told the court: "Lindsey is a model daughter and we love her very much. She's as good as it gets."
He added that Lowe spent much of her time taking care of her mother, who had a brain tumor several years ago that had reoccurred in April.
He said: "She had a seizure and could not drive, and Lindsey was her caretaker and driver.
Prosecutors however were less forgiving, saying they may seek the death penalty.  
They argued Lowe was a 25-year-old woman – not a teenager – and that she knowingly suffocated and killed her twin infant boys.
The trial continues.

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