Tuesday, September 27, 2011


TRAVIS Forbes, 31, has pleaded guilty to the brutal nightclub slaying of pretty Kenia Monge, 19. The beauty vanished April 1 when cops say she was lured into Forbes' van outside a Denver nightclub, killed her then buried her in an unmarked grave. From the start, Forbes seemed eager to talk about Monge's murder while not admitting guilt, according to the Denver Post. He put himself on cops' radar the day after he killed Monge by texting the phone she left behind in the nightclub. He lied to police, saying he had given Monge a ride to a gas station that night and was concerned about her welfare.

Two weeks ago, authorities recovered Monge's body in a rural field. And on Monday, Forbes abruptly pleaded guilty to Monge's murder, receiving life in prison without parole. He is also expected to plead guilty to the attempted murder of Fort Collins woman Lydia Tillman today, a crime that carries a 48-year penalty.

Monge's stepfather, Tony Lee, said he was thankful for Forbes' change of heart but couldn't explain his motives after months of lying to authorities. Lee told The Post: "It was by the grace of God. There's no other reason we can come up with. He's more or less been holding us hostage since April 1. He doesn't have that control over us anymore." MORE IN THE DENVER POST

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