Tuesday, September 27, 2011


SHE may look like a kindly old grandma, but cops say 96-year-old Amanda Rice Stevenson is actually a deadly killer. 
Investigators say she blasted her nephew Johnny Rice, through the heart with a huge .357 magnum handgun, similar to the one used by Dirty Harry. 
The 53-year-old was found dead by his wife Deborah after she returned to their house on Sunday evening and she initially thought that he'd had a heart attack, when she saw him lying on the floor. 
When she was unable to get the door open, because his body was in the way, she managed to reach around and touch him, but found his body was cold. 
But when cops got managed to get into the St Augustine, FL home they found Rice dead on the floor, with blood coming out of his mouth, and multiple blood splatters around the scene.
St. Augustine Police Department spokesman Mark Samson told the New Times Rice was shot "over a domestic situation" while he was lying in bed, and more exact details of what happened haven't yet been released. 
But it's believed the retired postal worker was involved in a long running dispute with her nephew and police had been called to the house several times in the past month.
Samson added that they are still trying to determine who owned the gun. 
Stevenson is being held without bond and taken into custody on a charge of wilful homicide.
Court records show that she has two previous arrests, one for arson in 1995 and another four years ago for writing a bad check.

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